Random thoughts throughout the day:

1) Why hasn’t anyone written an AU-ish thing where Park Hyoshin has a little sister who falls for Kong or something? I am so writing this, just for all the Park Hyoshin jokes.

“Wait. You’re the guy who fanboys over my brother.”
“No I’m not.”
“Oh my God, I kissed a fan of my brother.”
“_____-ah, can we please not-“
“Wonder how my brother will react when he finds out.”
“Don’t tell Park Hyoshin-sunbaenim!!”
“Should have thought of that before kissing his beloved baby sister.”

2) The Hotel King AU for Hakyeon (and I may extend to the other members), is coming along nicely. In my mind. Now to write it.

3) If K-Pop was in Westeros, Hakyeon would totally be a Martell (something a friend of mine actually made me realize). I am writing this. A Game of Thrones AU. Or maybe not.

So my plans to do a Leo scenario, Ravi’s Synnecrosis Part 2 and then a P.O scenario got derailed.

Look out for a new Hakyeon scenario inspired by Hotel King in the near(-ish) future.

When He Proposes and You Say No

AN: This totally took longer than I expected - it had a life of it’s own. If all goes according to plan, I’ll have another one-shot of a VIxx member (potentially Leo) then an update for Ravi’s series before going on to P.O.

It should also be said that this is the longest one-shot scenario I’ve written so far.

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Anonymous asked
Are you coming back ;A; ?

I will! I’m just going through a really long drought of inspiration and everything I write is crap. Once something is up to my standards, I’ll post it!



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Alternate Me, Alternate You

AN: Another update. This isn’t the Zico one that I’ve been working on (let me just refill my feels a bit more) but I do like this. I don’t have the Ravi feels needed to continue with Synnecrosis but I’ll finish it once I do have the feels needed. Anyway, this was inspired by this and after a long time, this is me writing something AU. Main characters are Hongbin for Part One and Leo for Part Two. If there will be a part three, I don’t know yet, but until then, enjoy the Prologue ^^

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Masters of….Sex?

AN: I know I said I would write something for Zico and/or Myungsoo next, but I got majorly distracted by some tv shows. huhu Anyway, heres a drabble ^^

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When He’s Drunk

AN: This was a request! So the full request was ‘When You and Hongbin had your first big fight and he storms off and ends up drunk and back at your house.’ Or something along that line.

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Casually Taken (Part Three)

[Part One ; Part Two]

AN: Finally, the update you guys have been waiting for! haha I just…lost my muse with this one for a while but it has come back. That, and I’ve been distracted by Block B. Anyway, here is the third and final part of Casually Taken ^^ Warning: Smut ahead. 

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When You Fangirl Over Another Group

Paring: Hakyeon x You

AN: Probably not the update you guys expected? haha Had to get rid of feels that demanded I write this. Not my best work, but I hope you guys like it ^^

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